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Hi, I'm Michal Bodzianowski! I'm an aspiring creative developer and leader, double majoring in Computer Science and Technology Arts & Media and I'm seeking an internship or opportunity that will allow me to apply my current knowledge of computer science and design in a professional setting, while also providing an opportunity to learn new industry practices, standards, and techniques, and improve and expand upon both my soft and hard skills in general.


Grocerybot/Roboshopper 3000 2021

Grocerybot is a proof-of-concept robot that utilizes inverse kinematics, object recognition, path planning and finding, and web server communication. It receives a shopping list from a web app and autonmously navigates a standard grocery store, collecting specific items from a list and returning to checkout once done. This is our final project submission for the Spring 2021 session of CSCI 3302 - Intro to Robotics at CU Boulder. This is a proof of concept, so please treat it as such, and thank you!

Github Link

SHINE Lab - Maps Experiment 2020 - Present

Working on experiments that involve optimizing and easing the processes of human-computer interaction and the psychology behind it. Using python, flask, folium, websockets, AWS (DynamoDB and S3), and Heroku to develop a web-based experiment involving real-time communication and collaboration. Responsible for working with experiment designers to create a functional and useful testbed according to specifications.

SHINE Lab - APERTURE Experiment 2021 - Present

Unity-based experiment. This experiment tests how people work under specific distractors and conditions. Working on maintenence and cleaning up previous code in C#, using libraries such as LabStreamingLayer. Future work will start soon in collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines.

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HackCU 2021 - PlaySafe! 2021

A fully-functioning Figma prototyping aiming to solve a timely problem (socialization between vaccinated friends) with a clean UI/UX. Done in around 3.5 hours on a laptop- wish I had the time to make it a proper app demo using Flutter :)

Devpost Link Live Demo
Sea of Thoughts
HackMIT 2020 - Sea of Thoughts 2020

A Place to Connect. A Place to Express A web application used to connect with people through small messages in a bottle. Throw your thoughts out to sea, and let someone read them and get connected with you. A novel way of mixing meditation, writing, and connection.

Github Repo Live Demo

Taco Neko
TacoNeko - GB Studio Game 2020

A game I made during ATLS1000 Design Foundations. Developed using Photoshop, Procreate, and GB Studio. Music from GB Studio. It's a small stealth/action game where you play as Suavez, a taquero trying to make tacos on an island infested by scary robot cats. Playable in browser. Please see Medium writeup for more info.

Play Game (Itch.io) Medium.com Write-up
Sea of Thoughts
HackCU 2020 - Doki Doki CU Story 2020

A visual novel/game built in Unity that memed CU Boulder. Amusing project with 3 other rookie hackers for our school's annual hackathon. Featured a plotline involving CU Boulder mascots. Written in Unity.

Please disregard the "Tests" on the project page- this was a Hackathon with a hard deadline and we can't change the answers now. Feel free to download the game from the Google Drive if you like!

Devpost Link

OhISee Twitch Bot 2018 - 2020

A Twitch.tv Chatbot run during Games Done Quick. Takes notes from users, stores them, and can even quiz them using said notes! Was ran on heroku, however it is currently unmaintained. It last ran for AGDQ 2020, on Trihex's "Poverty Chat" since the official Games Done Quick channel is subscriber mode only.

Github Live Notes Page
Special Force 1 & 2 2019

A satirical series of short films edited and filmed by me, including some friends for college. Logos made in Illustrator and Photoshop. Video edited in Premiere. Title theme (from part 2) written in Ableton Live. A fun project, not to be taken TOO seriously ;)

Phoenix Rising Fangame 2017 - 2018

Worked as a developer in a QA role on an international team developing a fangame inspired by the Pokemon series. Worked using Ruby and RPG Maker XP to debug and write code for the game. Responsible for creating, designing, and implementing some quests and easter eggs as well. Game received over 100K downloads on its first week, and is still popular today.

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The kAIser 2017

The kAIser is an finished project which aims to create physical emulations of WW1-era historical leaders, using technologies like Artificial Intelligence, to help students understand their personas better. Worked with a team of students to make this a reality back in high school. Responsible for the backend and making everything flow smoothly.

Github Denver Post Link


Blueprint Boulder - Vice President of Technology

Blueprint Boulder aims to connect students with non-profits that require technical solutions. As a former Skills Development Leader, I worked to ensure that Blueprint Boulder members receive the support they need to start contributing to projects and by extension to the local community. I am currently the Vice President of Technology, working to build a strong technical foundation for the organization. This includes consulting with non-profits and project teams and aiming to help them with their technical needs.

CU Esports - VALORANT Gold Team

Member of the VALORANT Gold Team, competing against other colleges in the competitive shooter developed by Riot Games.

CSL Open League Profile CU Gaming/Esports
CU Racing Team - Driver/Engineer

CU Boulder Racing Team Endurance member. Aspiring driver, marketer, and race engineer.



Sea of Thoughts
Friday Night Lights
Leeds School of Business

Zed's Dead
Zed's Dead
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