Michal Bodzianowski

Innovating Interactions and Connections With Technology


Michał Bodzianowski

Innovating Interactions and Connections With Technology

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I am looking for a challenging internship opportunity that will help me grow my passion for creativity and computer science, in order to make a positive social impact on society via the use of computers and tech.


University of Colorado: Boulder - BS Computer Science & BS Creative Technology and Design, and Business Minor. Class of 2023. CU Boulder Esports and Racing Team - GPA 3.4

I’m planning to finish both my degrees in Boulder, whilst preparing for a career in either business or creative computer science fields. I am planning to pursue research, internships, and various clubs during my studies. I plan to round off my degrees with a business minor to learn how to be a better leader.


SHINE Lab @ University of Colorado: Boulder / Undergrad Research Assistant- Fall 2020 - Now

I’m currently conducting undergraduate research in one of the top research colleges in the U.S. Working under Dr. Leanne Hirshfield (leanne.hirshfield@colorado.edu). Actively developing an experiment using Python, Flask, SocketIO, Heroku, and AWS DynamoDB/S3 to create a real-time collaborative experience.

Windward Studios / Software Developer Intern - Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

I completed a Software Developer Internship at Windward Studios. I worked while studying at CU Boulder, I was responsible for Windward’s adoption of the OpenAPI standard that allowed our customers to generate code to access our RESTful offering in over 20 languages. I also worked on the web store and new ventures for Windward, which provides document automation and generation software as a service.

Panther Industries AR/Marketing and STEM School Highlands Ranch IT Internships - 2018

I participated in two internships over the summer of 2018. The 3-week IT Internship at STEM had me writing scripts to automatically backup our servers, among other duties including maintaining the security system. Afterwards, I took on a dual internship at Panther where I would work on marketing duties whilst developing a Unity-based Augmented Reality mobile application intended for use by major distributors.


My specialty is web app development with Python or Node.js, mostly backend but have enough full-stack experience with my own projects using AWS or Heroku. I am also proficient in C++, Java, and JavaScript. I am experienced with C# and Unity/Mobile Dev. I have used JIRA/Confluence with agile/sprints and am proficient in the Adobe suite. I love working with teams of different backgrounds, and I can mesh well with any team or environment. I’m always looking to learn new tech and sharpen my skills.


HackMIT 2020 (Sea of Thoughts) interactive, real-time social website / Twitch.tv Chat Bot with NLP / Various video games, mostly w/ Unity (Phoenix Rising, WarCrimes.io, HackCU 2020) / Talking A.I. (kAIser)

Thank You!

 More detail is provided on my LinkedIn. I can provide references on request, or feel free to reach out to Dr. Leanne Hirshfield (leanne.hirshfield@colorado.edu). Thanks for your consideration, and have a great day!